Anne Robinson: Who is the former BBC presenter dating Queen Camilla's ex-husband?

BBC presenter Anne Robinson is dating Queen Camilla's ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

Anne Robinson TV presenter dating Queen Camilla ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles
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Anne Robinson TV presenter dating Queen Camilla ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles

Before joining the Royal Family, Queen Camilla was married to Andrew Parker Bowles. The couple got divorced in 1995, and it seems they have both found love again, in the arms of other people. While Queen Camilla married King Charles in 2005, Andrew Parker Bowles is now dating a BBC presenter, Anne Robinson. Here's all we know about her.

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Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles had a rocky relationship

Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles got married in 1973, and they welcomed two children together: Tom and Laura. They eventually got divorced in 1995, and Queen Camilla waited for ten years before marrying then-Prince Charles. Camilla Parker Bowles first met Prince Charles in the 1960s, and they were in a relationship for a year before he left for the army. They broke up and she started dating Andrew Parker Bowles.

In the late 1970s, Queen Camilla began an affair with King Charles, while she still married. According to several reports, Andrew Parker Bowles knew about the affair, but he chose not to intervene. In 1992, private conversations between the two lovebirds were leaked in the press, causing widespread scandal. This caused King Charles to divorce from Princess Diana, but Camilla and Andrew waited another three years before announcing their separation.

Queen Camilla and her ex-husband remained friends

Despite their scandal-wrapped divorce, Queen Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles have remained good friends. He was a guest at the King and Queen's Coronation, and has known King Charles for years. The two played polo together, and King Charles is the godfather to their son, Tom. Andrew's father, Derek, was a good friend of Queen Elizabeth II.

After their divorce, Andrew Parker Bowles remarried quickly, only a year later, to Rosemary Pitman, a garden designer. They remained married until she died from cancer in 2010, at the age of 69.

Little has been known about his love life, until now as BBC presenter Anne Robinson admitted that she is dating Parker Bowles.

Who is Anne Robinson?

Anne Robinson is a TV presenter mostly known for her part in The Weakest Link, during which she rose to fame thanks to her famous catchphrase:

You are the weakest link, goodbye.

She presented the show for twelve years before moving on. She also became the first woman to present Channel 4's Countdown, until she stepped down in 2022. Anne Robinson, now 79, admitted she is dating Queen Camilla's ex-husband during an interview with Saga magazine, which focused on what it is like dating older women. She simply said:

Yes. Full stop. Mind your own business.

During the interview, she explained how she felt going back to dating in her 70s, after being single for about seventeen years. She was married twice, first to a former journalist and newspaper executive, Charles Wilson, until 1973. Then, she married John Penrose, before the couple got a divorce in 2007. She said:

I'd been out of the game for so long. And also I don't drink. If you don't drink, you're not as reckless, are you?

She explained dating is much easier when you are older, as you are more aware of what you cannot accept in a relationship. According to Saga, Anne Robinson and Andrew Parker Bowles met more than a year ago at a lunch with friends, but they have kept their relationship a secret for a while. They both live in the Cotswolds.

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