Ana Vakili: Former Islander was arrested in Iran for this unusual reason

Ana Vakili, who appeared on Love Island in 2019, has revealed almost being jailed in Iran for breaking this religious law.

The social media influencer took to Johnny Seifert's Secure The Insecure podcast to share with fans her scary encounter with Iran's police force.

Jeans too tight

The 28-year-old recounted being grabbed by female police officers after they deemed her way of dressing to be 'un-islamic' and therefore punishable by law. Vakili explained:

I got arrested in Iran for wearing jeans. It was really scary because I just remember all these police women grabbing me and trying to put me in the van.They were saying in Farsi, 'Your jeans are too tight and it's not Islamic', and they were trying to push me into the car.

Thankfully, she was not alone when the incident took place and had her aunt step in and explain that she was a foreigner and did not know the country's dress code. She went on to say:

My auntie was grabbing me and pulling me away and saying, 'She's English, she's from England, she doesn't know'. I pretended that I couldn't speak Farsi and they let me go because I was from England and I didn't know the laws enough.

'I learnt from my own mistake'

The Love Island star also admitted that she had been scared to open up about the incident as she did not want any further action to be taken against her by the country's government. She said:

I feel really scared to open up about this, but I think it’s important to do it because I learnt from my own mistake. And if other people can learn from my mistake then it’s the best thing to come from this.

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