These are the countries with the best gender equality in the workplace

Gender equality is a real problem, especially in the working world. These are the countries that are the best when it comes to gender equality...

Gender inequality is still prevalent in many countries, especially in theworking world.At the current rate, it would take more than a century to achieve parity, according to a report by the World Economic Forum.

The best countries in the world are…

Although many countries are far from being frontrunners when it comes to equality, others are on the right track with the gender pay gap. Generally speaking, when it comes to gender equality, the northern countries lead the 153 countries, with one exception. They include Sweden, Norway and, at the top of the ranking, Iceland. The latter has been in the lead for 11 consecutive years.

Iceland is the first country to impose equal pay in companies after Icelandic women mobilised. Since January 1st, 2018, it has been illegal to pay a man more than a woman. Moreover, it is one of the countries with the highest number of women in its national assembly. Find out more about this in our video above.

Norway is in second place and has the lowest pay gap. Among other things, the country offers paternity leave similar to maternity leave, i.e., 14 weeks with full pay, and equal pay measures.

Sweden, in third place, also has a very advantageous system. In fact, 52% of ministers are women, i.e., the majority. In addition, they offer between 60 and 480 days off, paid at 80% of the salary.

Nicaragua is not necessarily the first country that comes to mind when we talk about gender equality. However, it is the top-ranked country in the Americas. A law also guarantees legal equality between men and women and eliminates discrimination against women.

Spain, for its part, moved up from 29th place to 8th, thanks partly to its new laws on gender equality in the workplace. In two years' time, all companies with more than 50 employees will also be required to keep a register of wages broken down by gender. The country also voted to extend paternity leave to 8 weeks.

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