These 10 Dogs Went Wild... Then Felt Very Guilty

  • Uh oh...
  • After chewing up this pillow he then realises that it was wrong. Just look at his facial's priceless!
  • He was just hungry and the trash bin seemed like a wise idea at the time. You can't be mad at him, just look how tiny he is.
  • Yes he feels extremely guilty for eating it that he can't even look at you. Children and even adults act this way too - shh!
  • So what he made a little mess with your clothes. How can you punish him, he's so sorry as it is.

All pet owners have to deal with messes caused by their furry little friends one time or another. Whether their pups chewed up your favourite shoes, flipped the trash bin over, or clawed the sofa into pieces. No matter how mischievous they may act, we still love our best friends and forgive their rebel behaviour. Take a look at our photo gallery for some hilarious photos that will make your day!

Scroll through our gallery to see what these naughty pups have been up to!

• Emma Jensen
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