Could You See Yourself Owning The Biggest Dog In The World?

The Great Dane is sometimes referred to as 'the Apollo of Dogs'. Find out more about this very special breed.

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The Great Dane is an elegant dog, which owes its great strength to its impressive size. They can be brown, tan, blue or black. In the past, their owners would cut their large ears but this is no longer done. The male measures 80cm and the female 72.

The Great Dane is a very playful and obedient dog. However, they are active and need to be taken for regular long walks. They are very gentle and protective, and make good guard dogs. Keep in mind, your house must be large enough so no studio apartments!

Great Danes are easy to train because of their calm nature and intelligence. They can quickly learn the difference between praise and telling off. They get along very well with other dogs and other animals such as cats.

If you'd like to become an owner of a Great Dane, it's important to know that they require some particular care. As they are large dogs, they need lots of food. They also need to be taken to the vet's regularly to ensure they are in good shape and not lacking in anything. However, like many guard dogs, they generally live between 8 and 9 years.