This Grandad Dug A Hole In His Garden Whilst Drunk, Then Turned It Into A Swimming Pool

Andrew Ellery's wife Stella was not too pleased to wake up one morning to discover her drunken husband and his mates had dug a giant hole in her garden. But what Mr. Ellery did next would definitely make up for his drunken antics!

We've all had nights out that have got a bit out of hand and woken up with a few regrets in the morning. Grandfather-of-five Andrew Ellery, from Wales, took this to the extreme when he woke up to discover he and two of his mate had dug a 7-metre long hole in his back garden.

Rather than fill in the massive hole, he decided to continue what he'd started and turn it into a 200 square foot swimming pool. Amazingly, the job was done within a week! Mr. Ellery spent a grand total of £300 on his DIY pool and had no professional help whatsoever. He used old blocks, off-cuts he took from work and old tiles from skips to build the pool. He said the cement was the most expensive part of the build.

Now, Mr. Ellery and all of his family, including five grandchildren, enjoy swimming in the pool on a regular basis. But he didn't stop there! He then decided to build his own sauna to go with the pool. 'That's my pride and joy. I used wood from skips and if I saw something I could use, I'd knock on the doors and ask if I could take it. Then I spent £200 on timber and went to Sheffield for a £400 heater and water bucket'.

The results are seriously impressive and just go to show what you can achieve with a little bit of hard work and determination!

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