Woman suffers eight cardiac arrests after she refuses to take a COVID jab

A woman who refused to take a vaccine jab experienced eight cardiac arrests while she was hospitalised because of COVID-19. She now urges people to get jabbed.

An unvaccinated woman who experienced eight cardiac arrests while she was hospitalised due to COVID-19 is now urging people to get vaccines. 35-year-old Gemma Roberts was taken to Warrington Hospital and had to be resuscitated eight times after her heart stopped. Her ordeal began in August when she was rushed to the hospital and placed on a ventilator.

After catching coronavirus on August 11 of this year, she was taken to a hospital and placed on a ventilator. The former Eddie Stobart employee told The Mirror that she pleaded with medics not to let her die and that she called her partner Sophie to inform her that she was being put to sleep.

Everyone should have vaccines

After undergoing a lateral flow test and a PCR test, Gemma was found to be positive for Covid-19. She claimed she had been feeling fatigued, nauseated, and out of breath and assumed she was just hungover from a wedding party the weekend before. Even when she was told she would be transferred to the hospital, she thought that the medical staff would give her oxygen and then let her go.

Unfortunately for her, that was not the case and now having gone through hell and back eight times, she is urging everyone to get vaccines.

I wish I had the vaccine before, I think everyone should have it now. I was one of those people that was scared of having the jab. I heard it had killed people.

Further, she also feels guilty for putting her family through this misery. She was admitted to the hospital in August and stayed on a ventilator for two months until the start of October.

I took a chance and I almost didn't pull through. Medical professionals saved my life, that's who I will listen to now.
I've got no underlying health conditions and it is the first time I've been in hospital.

Still unable to walk

Gemma had her first cardiac arrest on August 14. She was brought back to life by medical professionals before suffering two more cardiac arrests in the following days. After being on a ventilator for three weeks, she suffered four cardiac arrests in a single day on August 31. Following another heart arrest, she was eventually taken off the ventilator in early October.

Although she was able to make it off the ventilator, COVID-19 left a tremendous impact on her life. Currently, she is unable to move her arms or legs. She has subsequently worked with physiotherapists to regain her ability to walk with a walking aid. Her partner Sophie proposed to her and urges people to get vaccinated now.

I want people to know not to believe the anti-vaxxer rubbish. We were brainwashed.
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