Plan C restrictions that might be on their way if Plan B fails

New COVID-19 rules have been implemented throughout the UK to stop the spread of the Omicron variant and they are expected to go a level higher if the transmissibility is too high.

In reaction to the Omicron variant, the laws on face masks, working from home, and self-isolation have been tightened across the UK. In England, the government has implemented Plan B, which requires facial coverings in most indoor areas and NHS COVID passes for late-night venues and large-scale events.

However, scientists have called the threat of the new, more contagious variant the ultimate lose-lose situation. Some scientists are predicting that further stringent restrictions may be required in the coming weeks. Reportedly, ministers are also considering a Plan B Plus or a Plan C which may be implemented in January.

What’s more to come?

Some parts of the UK already have introduced tougher measures than the ones implemented in Plan B. However, furthermore, changes are set to come in as the UK Health Security Agency has predicted that the country will have more than one million Omicron cases by the end of this month if the trend continues.

Amidst all this, the following new changes could be implemented as per what Dr Peter English, a former Public Health England consultant in communicable disease control told Sky News

  • Face Masks might be made required again in places such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars and table-only service could be reinstated.
  • The NHS COVID app, which required customers to 'check in' at venues previously, might be reinstated across the hospitality sector in the New Year.
  • NHS Covid passes are required right now in late-night venues and large events, but the government could go a step further and only accept proof of vaccinations.
  • Schools could have air filtration devices installed and mandatory face masks even in the classroom may be introduced.

Further, Christmas may not be cancelled but new stringent measures might be introduced around Christmas since Omicron cases are doubling every two to three days. Dr English believes,

Omicron will probably peak in late December, around about Christmas and New Year. The government is so determined to say we won't have another lockdown.
But we will probably have panic measures brought in around Christmas because we weren't doing what we should have already been doing with the Delta variant.

Plan B might be enough

The government is trying their best to avoid the spread of the virus, as such, measures introduced in Plan B may work well to tip off the balance. It is believed to tackle a substantial part of the problem and avoid another lockdown. Taking small steps initially might avoid the need of taking drastic measures later on.

Needless to say, another lockdown will have adverse effects and make people suffer. Thus, giving booster shots to people as soon as possible and providing more economic incentives to people so that they follow the measures and isolate themselves would help prevent tougher restrictions later on.

COVID-19: Will Plan C restrictions be imposed in the UK? COVID-19: Will Plan C restrictions be imposed in the UK?