The Simple Things You Can Do To Prevent Dark Clothes From Fading

The Simple Things You Can Do To Prevent Dark Clothes From Fading

Follow these simple tricks and your clothes will look great for longer.

1. Skip the wash every now and then:  You should only be washing your clothes when it's dirty and smelly. The wash puts a lot of stress on your clothes and will wear them down quick!

2. Sort your colours when you wash: Although it's time consuming, it's important to separate your lights and your darks. This will prevent your whites from turning different shades of yellow or brown. 

3. Turn your garments inside out: During the wash cycle, your clothes will be tossing and turning and the fabrics can get trapped in the metal or zippers which will cause your fabric to tear. You should turn your clothes inside out to prevent this. 

4. Use cold water: The warm water makes the fabric much more vulnerable to the friction of the wash cycle. Avoid it if possible. 

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5. Air dry your clothes: The more time your clothes spend in machines the more damaged they will become. This will cause your clothes to look old, fade, and worn out. 

Other Natural Remedies

1. Add vinegar: Adding this to the rinse cycle will help soften and remove nasty smells. It will help set the colours. 

2. Add salt: Adding salt during your wash cycle will help prevent colour dyes from bleeding. It'helps remove detergent residues which can cause your clothes to look worn out. 

3. Add black pepper: Sprinkle pepper into your washer and it will help keep your clothes from fading. 

4. Add coffee or black tea: Add this to the rinse cycle (after brew) and it will help strenghten the dye and keep your clothes dark. 

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