This Little Boy Is Setting The Fashion World Alight With His Incredible Hair

With his impressive hairstyle, Farouk James wants to send a message to other children that they should accept themselves for who they are.

At just 7 years old, Farouk James is already a star on social media sites. And why? The young boy from London has incredibly curly and really long hair!

‘It’s okay for boys to have a long, curly crown’

Farouk James wouldn’t cut his hair off for anything in the world. For him, it’s part of his identity! His mother, Bonnie, is very proud of her child and encourages him to be himself.

‘We hope to show the world that it’s okay for boys to have a long curly crown,’ she told Insider.

The boy is now famous on Instagram since his account already has more than 239,000 followers, and he’s even become well known in the fashion world.

‘Farouk was born with a lot of hair. In fact, even when I had a scan done when I was pregnant, at about six months, you could literally see it floating around in the womb,’ said his mother in the same interview.

Model, influencer and youtuber at just 7 years old!

His mother encourages him to keep his lovely hair, that he has let grow out since birth. This allowed him to get his first modelling contract at just 9 months old. After this experience, Bonnie decided to create Farouk’s Instagram account. He became a little star and the young boy now uses the internet to share his message of self-acceptance. Also active on YouTube, Farouk posts hair tutorials with his mother by his side.

The modelling agency that found him declared: ‘It wasn’t really accepted, especially at that time, for boys to have long hair. Nowadays, people are trying to get that sort of length hair. It’s really cool that the fashion companies want that look.’

Check out the video above for more photos of young Farouk James and his incredible hair!

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