Years after her death, a disturbing discovery was made in Marilyn Monroe's mansion

Over 50 years later, the circumstances surrounding the passing of icon Marilyn Monroe remain a mystery. Decades after her death, Monroe's Los Angeles home was finally sold for £5.8 million. Upon exploring the house, some disturbing and eerily predictive details were found inside...

Marilyn Monroe lived there for 6 months until she died. The Brentwood mansion is part of a 2,000 m2 property. The hacienda-style house had been acquired by Marilyn shortly before her death. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge garden and a swimming pool.

This house is the heart of the mystery

Since Marilyn Monroe passed away, the hacienda has had seven different owners. Among them, Veronica Hamel who, during renovations, had discovered a monitoring system in each room. A discovery that has fed doubts about Marilyn's situation.

Marilyn gave her last interview to Life magazine in 1962. While the "probable suicide" hypothesis has stuck, there are several other theories out there, even though the circumstances of her death remain unclear. 50 years later, there's still a lot of doubt surrounding the woman who, even now, arouses fascination.

"Here ends my path"

A tile that was at the entrance when Monroe bought the house reads Cursum Perficio, which means: "here ends my path."

Take a look at the video above for more on the mysterious findings in Marilyn Monroe's former home...

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