Victoria Beckham reveals how she stays in shape

Victoria Beckham is a very busy woman. Alongside her successful clothing line, she has also launched her own line of beauty products and to mark the occasion, the former Spice Girl has revealed how she manages to stay in such good shape.

Victoria Beckham has built quite a fashion empire over the past few years. With her varied looks and styles, the fashion icon is a favourite among photographers on the red carpets in London, New York and Paris. In an interview, the Brit revealed how she manages to stay in shape, despite her hectic jet-set life.

Victoria’s unusual tips

The fashion icon was a guest on the early morning TV show This Morning where she talked about her healthy lifestyle which has helped her to master balancing a successful career and her family life:

I have got four kids and I work a lot, so for me it’s trying to be healthy. Lots of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, drink a lot of water.

But as Posh Spice has revealed, her main tip is the rather unusual one. She trusts the effects of red wine and tequila:

I'm not saying I don’t have fun–I have been known to drink a few tequilas or a few red wines. I think it’s important to get that balance right. Eating healthily, working out regularly as much as you can. But then having fun is important.

Her secret to good skin

In the interview, the 45-year-old also opened up about her personalskin care routine. She admitted that she has not always been blessed with good skin and that the basics can make all the difference. She believes having a good moisturiser is very important and she always makes sure her skin is hydrated.

On top of this, the most important thing for pure and healthy skin is remembering toremove your makeup every evening and using a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type. That is also the reason it is important to her to bring her own beauty line onto the market. Victoria Beauty products contain no artificial additives and both the products and packaging are produced as sustainably as possible.

Well done, Victoria! But even though she is very health-conscious and makes sure to keep fit, that doesn’t mean that Victoria Beckham doesn’t occasionally suffer from stress-related issues as well.

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