Try Rebounding, Eva Longoria’s Favourite Way To Stay Fit
Try Rebounding, Eva Longoria’s Favourite Way To Stay Fit
Try Rebounding, Eva Longoria’s Favourite Way To Stay Fit
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Try rebounding—Eva Longoria's new favourite way to stay fit

By James Guttridge

Eva Longoria's new best friend is small, strong, and extremely efficient for sculpting a dream body. It literally makes her jump for joy!

Eva Longoria is one of those superwomen who inspire us on a daily basis... especially when it comes to her figure! Remember, only one year after the birth of her son Santiago, the Latina lit up the Cannes red carpet. We wondered how she managed to achieve such a feat. Could it be thanks to this original workout method, which she has been sharing on her Instagram feed for the past few days?

Rebounding, Eva Longoria’s new favourite workout

No, the former Desperate Housewife didn't borrow her son's trampoline just for fun! Today, this workout even has a name: rebounding. For some time now, physiotherapists have been recommending this accessory for rehabilitation sessions for mild joint problems. Today, it can be found in gyms... and in our living rooms! So what are the benefits of this multi-functional workout?

A trampoline tones the figure without damaging the muscles

Jumping on a trampoline may seem simple. However, it allows you to work your whole body: calves, thighs, arms, abdominal muscles, buttocks... This workout uses many of your muscles and thus allows you to tone up your figure, as running does for example. Except that, unlike running, when you jump on a trampoline the shock of the impact is partly absorbed.

A trampoline eliminates cellulite

There is nothing like a session on a trampoline to say goodbye to your cellulite. In fact, 20 minutes on a trampoline is considered to be as effective as an hour and a half of lymphatic drainage (a toning massage that encourages the elimination of toxins and the progressive removal of fat). That's right, with each jump on a trampoline, you instantly stimulate your blood circulation.

Trampolining helps to improve balance

Each jump on a trampoline forces you to re-establish your body’s balance, without you necessarily thinking about it. With each jump, your cerebellum, which is responsible for motor skills and balance, sends a message to your body to stabilise itself once in the air. Regular trampoline sessions will, in the long run, help you improve your posture. The secret is to always focus on the same point across the room (or yard).

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