This is the reason Zara McDermott has quit Made In Chelsea

Zara McDermott has revealed that she has left Made In Chelsea after appearing on the show for three series.

Zara McDermott will not feature in the next series of Made In Chelsea. She revealed in an interview with The Sun this week that she has left the structured reality show–but that her boyfriend Sam Thompson is ‘still in.’ Zara says that she no longer wants to appear on reality TV, turning instead to documentaries.

Zara McDermott quits Made In Chelsea

Although she only joined the reality show in 2019, her dramatic break-up and reunion with long-time cast member Sam Thompson was one of the biggest storylines of the last season. However, Zara now says that she wants to move away from reality TV, calling it ‘hard on the soul.’

Admitting that influencing is ‘quite a superficial way of living’, Zara revealed:

For now, my priority is being able to find a great balance of all the different things, influencing, fashion, working with charities, campaigning for changes in revenge porn law. And taking a step back from reality TV. No more reality TV for me.

Zara McDermott documentary

Zara’s first documentary, Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn, was released on BBC Three yesterday. It sees Zara investigate the impact revenge porn can have on its victims. The issue is close to Zara’s heart as she has twice had intimate images shared without her consent–once as a teenager and again whilst she was appearing on Love Island.

Zara said of the documentary:

I feel passionate about helping other people in the situation I was in, so I’ll be sharing my story in detail for the first time. Confronting issues head-on is the only way we can make change and I am putting my heart into this documentary in the hope that it will make people think twice about revenge porn.
Zara McDermott Finds Herself In An Awkward Situation During Her Made In Chelsea Debut Zara McDermott Finds Herself In An Awkward Situation During Her Made In Chelsea Debut