The Woman With The World's Most Perfect Body - According To Science - Has Been RevealedThe Woman With The World's Most Perfect Body - According To Science - Has Been Revealed
The Woman With The World's Most Perfect Body - According To Science - Has Been Revealed
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The Woman With The World's Most Perfect Body - According To Science - Has Been Revealed

Researchers at the University of Texas have successfully defined the profile of the “perfect” woman, by gathering all the physical criteria that are considered most attractive to men from an evolutionary persperctive. Think we can all agree that the woman judged to embody feminine perfection, is not who you might initially expect.

Although we often compare ourselves to models on the catwalk and in magazines, the perfect body will not be found there; and science has confirmed it. When we think about having the “perfect body”, we automatically jump to social media or glamour magazines and see young, tiny-waisted women. However, science says otherwise. According to a study published by the University of Texas, model and actress Kelly Brook from Kent presents all of the female physical characteristics most sought after by men.

International opinions

To arrive at these conclusions, researchers conducted a tedious investigation to collect the various characteristics of the female body, such as weight, height, facial shape as well as the length of hair. They also collected information about the perfect proportions that attract men the most among all cultures and nationalities. While some points inevitably vary depending on where you are in the world, others prove to be a lot more universal universal.

The Rochester-born model measures 99-63-91 (39-25-36 inches) with a height of 1.68m (5.5 feet) and, indeed, she is au naturale and has not undergone any plastic surgery, researchers concluded she is “completely natural and scientifically perfect.” These measurements have been decided upon by means of evoltionary function such as attractiveness, capacity to bear children and fertility. The way both men and women perceive these physical aspects has also been taken into account when rounding up the "scientifically perfect" woman.

Female perfection

In summarising all this data, it appeared that the woman closest to “perfection” is none other than Kelly Brook. While this may be shocking to some, the 35-year-old has indeed been judged my men to have the “perfect body”. Although, even the model herself recounts when she suffered negative judgement as a result of her figure as well as when she was considered "too plump" even in the world of professional modelling. But, as science itself proves, she is luscious, natural and proudly displays her curvy body. Proof that it isn't totally necessary to have a size 8 waist in order to buzz with health, radiance and attractiveness.

The "perfect body" of the future?

Whilst scientific findings will be the closest to a more objective perception of health and beauty, it still remains that beauty does remain in the eye of the beholder - at least to some extent. We have seen body ideals changing throughout history, meaning that as times change and we evolve, even the perfect body type may differ in the future. But there's one thing we can take away from this for certain: social media, magazines and fashion tabloids aren't always right. So whether you're a size 8 or 18, learning to love, accept and care for your body is truly the answer to beauty.

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