Selena Gomez Makes A Touching Declaration Of Love: ‘My Arrow Points To You Forever

Selena Gomez seems to have rediscovered her zest for life as can be seen in a recent photo posted to her Insta story, where she is strongly embracing one of her friends, even kissing her!

Things haven’t been going well for Selena Gomez for a long time now. Her on-off relationship and health problems have really put a strain on the singer. But now, Selena seems to be living life to the fullest again, as the videos and photos of her with her best friend show.

Selena has good friends

It was only the beginning of this month when Selena made her comeback. She started by releasing new songs in which she processes her breakup and the separation, after which Hailey had apparently threatened her. But in difficult times like this, Selena always seems to have her good friends by her side.

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My love, my heart and my soul @juliamichaels 🖤

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She recently thanked Taylor Swift for her support and friendship with quite a touching message. But there seems to be another friend that she is even closer with, as the 27-year-old recently proved on Instagram.

She kissed another woman

In her Insta story, the 27-year-old posted a photo in which Selena can be seen kissing another woman. The photo was taken the weekend before she celebrated her friend Julia Michaels’ birthday with her.

Before her big bash, the singer put on another concert in which she performed the song Anxiety together with Julia on stage. In the footage of the two, it was clear how much fun the girls were having performing together.

The tattoo is a sign of eternal solidarity

After her performance, it happened. The two women kissed. But that doesn’t mean they are lovers, just best friends. Their friendship is so strong that they have even now got matching tattoos.

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@steventaylor @people

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Selena and Julia both have an arrow tattooed on their wrists that point to each other. Selena posted a photo of her new tattoo on Instagram that reads ‘My arrow points to you forever’ and not long afterwards, Julia wrote back that she will always be there for Selena. What a lovely friendship! Check out our video above to see the tattoos!

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Luv @selenagomez

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