Paige and Finn want to buy their first house for one special reason

Love Island 2020 winners Paige and Finn revealed in an interview with OK! magazine this week that they are looking to buy a house together.

It’s been well over a year since they left the villa and Paige Turley and Finley Tapp’s relationship is stronger than ever. Although they’ve lived out most of the first year of their relationship under lockdown conditions, they say it’s only made them stronger as a couple and are now on the lookout for their first house.

Paige and Finn have been renting their first flat together in Manchester since June last year after spending the first lockdown with Paige’s family in Scotland. But although they love their apartment, there’s one major reason they want to move on and buy somewhere bigger to make their very own.

Paige and Finn’s house-hunt

I’d love a dog – I don’t think I’ve said that much,’ said Paige. ‘Our landlord, unfortunately, wouldn’t allow animals so the next move is buying a house and hopefully getting a dog... It’s a shame because we’ve got such a lovely flat where we are now but I don’t think we’ve been able to experience it like a normal home. Our families haven’t really seen it.

The couple have already started the process, having visited several potential houses together but they’ve yet to find ‘the one’. Meanwhile, the couple are keeping busy. Paige recently teased on Instagram that she’s been recording new music following the release of her debut single Movin’ Too Fast last summer.

Paige Turley’s new music

Paige hasn’t revealed much about her new music so it’s not clear whether it will be more covers or original songs. However, this week she teased to Heat magazine that her ‘summer time’ tunes will be released just after the end of lockdown. Let’s hope we’ll be able to get out dancing to them!

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