Love Island's Amy Hart reveals she's still in therapy after humiliation by Curtis

Amy Hart has revealed that she's still dealing with the trauma as a result of her break-up with Curtis on Love Island 2019.

To put it bluntly, Amy Hart's experience on Love Island was a disaster.

Hart coupled up with professional dancer Curtis Pritchard and fell madly in love with him. Following Amy's stint in Casa Amor, she returned to the villa to find out that Curtis has decided to stay coupled up with her. An emotional Amy then went on to drop the L-bomb in front of everyone.

Not much later, Curtis revealed that Amy was actually was his "back up plan". Curtis was her first love... Poor girl.

Following his heartbreaking revelation, Amy gave us one of the most dramatic moments in Love Island history with her sudden exit.

The former air-hostess sensationally quit the ITV2 series after Curtis moved on from her and coupled up with Maura Higgins, whom he broke up with last week. Amy has been struggling to overcome the humiliation she's been through.

Nine months after being cruelly dumped on the UK's most-watched reality TV show, Amy Hart is still undergoing therapy to come to terms with this humiliating moment. Speaking to the Sun, she says she had no hard feeling towards Maura. Addressing their recent breakup, she said:

Break ups are hard for everyone and look, I genuinely hope they’re both alright. I’ve been out of Love Island for nine months and it has been hard. I’m still having therapy. People thought what I said on Love Island when I left was scripted but it wasn’t, that was me being me. And I know now that I have been true to myself and I am still being true to myself.

Amy also found out she's been the victim of 'nasty trolling' on social media that she couldn't 'help but bite back'.

Hart currently appears on this series of E4's Celeb Go On Dating. The final episode of Celebs Go Dating airs tonight on E4 at 9 pm. We hope she finally finds the love she deserves.

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