Love Island 2021: Shannon Singh admits to suffering racial abuse and trolling

Shannon Singh has revealed that she's been suffering racism and trolling as a result of an opinion she shared on her social media platform about the islanders.

Love Island's Shannon Singh is calling out the abusers on social media who have been trolling her following a statement she made about some of the islanders.

Victim of racism

The 22-year-old stunner reveals having received nasty racial slurs after she shared on her Twitter account which couples she believed were the least compatible. The Asian-Scottish bombshell who hails from Glenrothes in Fife did not hold back in defending her point of view and denouncing racial bigotry.

After the racial backlash she was subjected to following her belief that Faye and Teddy were the strongest couple left in the villa, Shannon took to instagram to clap back at the haters by saying:

Guys because I've got an opinion on my Twitter of a compatible couple I'm now receiving trolling and racist abuse and people calling me h**f breed and calling me all sorts cause I had an opinion OF A SHOW THAT I WAS ACTUALLY ON.

And added:

All be 48 hours or not, actually really upset how people can stoop so low. Proud of my ethnicity anyone being racist can f**k off.Pretty disgusting and I don't even normally give these things the time of day but not having racial abuses thrown at me.

Rising to the top

But little do the haters know, Shannon will be having the last laugh now that the biracial bombshell has signed a major deal with a Spanish underwear brand that is sure to skyrocket her modelling career. A spokesperson for the lingerie said:

Shannon may have only had a short stint on this year's Love Island, but she certainly made an impact.

Before adding:

Passionate about using her platform to promote female empowerment and to unapologetically celebrate her body, Shannon's values align perfectly with Boux Avenue's self-love messaging.
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