ITV boss talks Love Island 2021 contingency plans

Love Island 2021 is likely to be filmed in Majorca - but if it can’t be, there are contingency plans in place for the series.

Love Island in Majorca
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Love Island in Majorca

Last week it was ‘confirmed’ thatLove Island 2021 would be returning to Majorcato film this summer, with the series potentially kicking off as early as next month. However, as we all know, things can change quickly at the moment and producers still have contingency plans in case foreign travel bans continue and scupper their plans.

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Love Island 2021: ‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst’

One insider source at ITV revealed to The Sun this week:

After what we’ve endured over the last year they are taking nothing for granted. Their motto is: hope for the best, plan for the worst. Every eventuality has been addressed and planned for - including a third wave. But the general feeling is that Majorca is a go.

Meanwhile, ITV Director of Television Kevin Lygo has opened up about the channel’s contingency plans in case they have to film insecond-choice location Jersey. According to Lygo, a series of Love Island filmed in a less sunny location than usual wouldn’t be a total disaster after all.

He said:

You just have to adapt. When we did Big Brother in the summer there would be days when they were all sunbathing out in the garden and then it rained a bit and they were all inside. You’ve got to have more heaters around the (outdoor) beds and producers have to be more inventive with tasks and games.

Is there still time to apply for Love Island 2021?

That being said, we’re all for a bit of escapism this summer so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Majorca villa! There’s even still time to apply for Love Island 2021 if you fancy trying to get yourself into the villa - although you should be prepared for rigorous health screenings which will include sexual health check-ups, psychological screening and random drug tests.

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