Kim And Kanye's Secret To Earning Their Millions

They are perhaps the most talked about and most envied couple in the United States and abroad, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to dominate the headlines. With their crippling media presence of course comes a hefty financial reward. But their financial gain is about to grow even more thanks to their incredible investments.

The Hollywood couple purchased their dream home from Lisa Marie Presley back in 2014 for about £14.8 million (20 million USD) and with much renovations, after 3 years, the market value of the home is now worth about £44.4 million (60 million USD)! Reports state that they spent around £15 million on renovations in total which means they gained another £14.8 million. A very smart investment on their part!

The house was redesigned to fulfil all their ultimate desires - a full music studio for Kanye, huge closets for the fashion queen, and a relaxation spa. The lovely mansion has 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms total. And let's not forget about the three precious kids - Kim and Kanye requested a two-storey playroom and full-size movie theatre complete with surround sound! Apparently, the couple plans on creating a full-sized gym, a basketball court, a full salon and spa.

One things for sure it's that their house is one fit for the King and Queen of modern pop culture. Their gem of LA real estate is sure to sell on for an absolute fortune when the family vacate.

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