Katy Perry Proudly Unveils Her Post-Partum Body

Sunday, August 31st Katy Perry posted a photo of her postpartum body on her Instagram page. The new mother opens herself to her fans and it feels great!

Last week, Katy Perry gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Daisy. She announced through a very special partnership with UNICEF.

Together with her partner, Orlando Bloom. Both celebrities are ambassadors for the humanitarian organization that fights to save the lives of children around the world and helps them to achieve their dreams.

Katy Perry's daily life as a new mum

Since the birth of her daughter, Katy Perry has been discovering life as a new mother. No more concerts, album recordings or video shoots, it's time for no sleep, breastfeeding and wearing maternity underwear.

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The singer proudly unveiled the other side of celebrity motherhood the public does not often get to see and it's amazing. Her belly is still big, her breasts are swollen and she looks exhausted. Things that every mother knows all too well.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are going to enjoy having their happy family all to themselves for a while. After all, authorities in Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the world, are advising the public to stay confined to their homes as much as possible. A hidden blessing for the two new parents who will be able to stick together for a while!

Katy Perry wasn't able to attend the 2020 MTV VMA's

Katy Perry announced her absence from the coveted music awards in a hilarious way. Instead of posing on the red carpet, she did it in her bathroom.

She swapped her designer dress for maternity underwear and her jewellery for breast pump tips. As far as hair and make-up are concerned, there was no make-up artist or tagged hairdresser, instead she just tagged @exhaustion.

Katy Perry likes to puts things into perspective. The song for her Instagram story, Not the End of the World from her new album Smile reminds us that there is still hope and a lot to look forward too.

To see the photo, check out the video at the top of the article.

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