Jennifer Lopez Posed Looking Sexier Than Ever In Quite A Revealing Bodysuit

The singer, JLo has recently revealed a photo from her latest film in which she looked incredibly sexy!

After posting her holiday photos where she was posing in a bikini on the beach, Jennifer Lopez appeared again on 25th August with a completely different hairstyle.

The photo shown in the video above was taken from the film ‘Hustler’ where ‘Jenny from the block’ shows off her new hairstyle as well as displaying her already noted acting prowess.

This feature film, in which the 50-year-old singer plays one of the main roles, follows the story of strippers who become friends to con and take revenge on their rich clients on Wall Street.

Looking sexier than ever in the film, the star posted a photo taken from one of the scenes.

In this photo which she posted online on Thursday 29th August; the artist could be seen on her knees under the pink lights of a strip club dressed in a very low-cut, revealing bodysuit adorned with silvery beads and tassels and holding wads of cash against herself.

Liked more than 2 million times, the photo was a huge success and largely highlighted Jennifer Lopez’ sex appeal. JLo wrote in the caption of this photo ‘Married to the money’ followed by #Ramona, the name of her character in the film.

Naturally, her followers gave her nothing but praise in the comments, solidifying that Jenny's still got it!

The Film 'Hustlers' is set to release this October and we are looking forward to checking it out!

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