Spice Girls to celebrate Spice World's 25th anniversary with a sequel

The Spice Girls are ready to film a sequel to Spice World, and it might be happening next year!

Spice Girls Reunion
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Spice Girls Reunion

It's been two decades too long since the Spice Girls graced our screens with their presence, but it looks like the wait might be coming to an end very soon. The last time we saw most of the bunch together was during their 2019 UK tour, which was a massive success. Now, with the 25th anniversary of Spice Worldapproaching next year, the girls are looking to celebrate with a sequel!

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In the works

Mirror has reported that they have been in talks with a famous screenwriter who is actually considering taking on the project. A source told The Sun:

The girls have been talking about how to mark the film’s anniversary and are actively considering making a tongue-in-cheek sequel
They have approached a screenwriter who is considering working on the project and making tentative steps forward.
It is still in the early stages but they are talking to established names in the business, which proves they are taking a big screen comeback seriously.

Upon its release in 1997, the originalSpice World film earned more than $125 million, and it became the highest-grossing film that was made by a musical group. Although it did receive its fair share of negative reviews, Spice fans loved it and we’re sure they would love to see a sequel as well.

Who’s involved?

The project is being organised by none other than Ginger spice aka Geri Horner, and she got three other spices on board with her idea—Melanie C, Mel B, and Emma Bunton. The girls are hoping that the last spice girl, Victoria Beckham, will be able to join them in this reunion, but Posh spice is a difficult lady to lure out. She refused to be a part of their 2019 tour, but the girls are hoping the script will be convincing enough to bring her back.

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