“I wasn’t happy”: Adele opens up about her divorce in interview with Oprah

The multi-award-winning singer said she felt embarrassed when she realized her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki was inevitable.

Adele has been speaking about her divorce and the moment she realized she was unhappy in the relationship. The singer was speaking to Oprah in a two-hour CBS interview dubbed 'Adele One Night Only.'

I Was Not Happy

The 'Hello' singer revealed that she felt embarrassed upon realizing that a divorce from Simon Konecki was inevitable. Describing her ex-husband as the most stable person she knows, Adele said the two of them remain great friends.

I take marriage very seriously and it seems like I don't...That's what it should be. When we have kids, we stay together, and I tried. I was so disappointed for my son, I was so disappointed for myself. Nothing as scary as what I've been through in the past two years behind closed doors.

According to the 15th Grammy Award winner, while shooting for a ‘bougie magazine’, she said out loud - for the first time - what she had been feeling for a long time. She told Oprah she confided in a friend shortly before filing for divorce that she was not happy:

I just said it. I am really not happy. I'm not living, I'm just plugging along.

The Hardest Part

The 33-year-old singer filed for divorce from entrepreneur Simon Konecki with whom she shares a son. Adele said the hardest part of it all was explaining to her son, Angelo, about the divorce.

The hardest part, trying to explain to a six-year-old that I do love him [Konecki] I'm just not in love with him.

But she also revealed that she and her ex-husband still spend a lot of time together and that he is a pivotal part of her life.

The British singer spoke to Oprah about her highly publicized weight loss, which was greeted by mixed reactions. She defended her change, saying appearance does not determine whether she is body positive or not.

I was body positive then and I'm body positive now. It's not my job to validate [anyone].
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