Gothy Kendoll From RuPaul's Drag Race UK Got New Teeth

Gothy Kendoll, the first contestant to get eliminated on the UK edition of the ever-so-popular RuPaul’s Drag Race, claims she feels more confident after fixing her teeth.

RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Gothy Kendoll may have been the first to get kicked out of the show due to her inability to put her heart and soul into her lip sync, but the queen blames her teeth for her poor performance.

She says that her once poorly structured teeth prevented her from feeling confident! Gothy claims that the “real reason” she “didn’t really give it [her] all in the lip sync” was because she “didn't want everyone to see [her] Jeremy Kyle teeth.”

Gothy reveals more about how her teeth have impacted her life: "They are definitely a big part of my insecurity. My drag is all about turning looks and being pretty and I don't want people staring at my teeth which I don't like."

The 21-year-old may have been eliminated first, but she still stays in contact with most of the other queens. However, there’s one queen that doesn’t suit her fancy: Cheryl Hole. She says, “Cheryl Hole is definitely the biggest diva. You saw in the first episode how she threw her hat down when she thought she would have to lip-sync."

Since Gothy got kicked out of the show, her confidence has shot up. And fixing her teeth definitely helped. Tune into our video to find out what Gothy looks like with her new set of teeth!

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