Former TOWIE Star Hits Back At Online Trolls With Racy Instagram Post

Former TOWIE star, Lauren Goodger has hit back at online trolls, who she claims, have caused her mental abuse. Taking to her Instagram, she posted a lengthy, hard hitting message alongside some sexy snaps to convey a meaningful message.

With social media at the forefront of our daily lives, it’s fair to say we live in a society absorbed by its power. Feeling like we always have to be uploading photos, videos and messages, it’s become increasingly easy to be influenced by other’s opinions. Former TOWIE star and Instagrammer Lauren Goodger, recently took to Instagram to highlight just how damaging negative, hateful comments can be on a person’s confidence.

The social media star and tv personality has a following of over 700,000 on Instagram and over 1.2 million on Twitter. So, she’s certainly no stranger to widespread public attention. But last Thursday, Lauren highlighted the dark side of fame. After discovering a young school girl had committed suicide due to hateful comments from online trolls, she posted a series of lengthy messages.

In response to one person who sceptically asked her, “How are you a role model?”, she hit back with “how are YOU a role model by showing these young girls that is ok to bully someone on their Instagram?”. She ended her rant by donning the hashtag, ‘#thinkbeforeyoutype’.

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