Katie Price faces an Instagram ban for trolling ex-husband

The controversy queen may be ‘kicked off’ Instagram for breaching Instagram rules against bullying and harassment.

Katie Price: Anti-troll campaigner faces an Instagram ban for trolling ex-husband
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Katie Price: Anti-troll campaigner faces an Instagram ban for trolling ex-husband

Katie Price recently took a dig at ex-husband Kieran Hayler and posted a story publicly attacking him. Reportedly, this has not gone down well with the 43-year-old model, who might face an Instagram ban, even if it’s temporary.

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Say no to the Gram

The former glamour model is allegedly accused of breaching Instagram’s bullying and harassment guidelines as she took a swipe at ex-husband Kieran Hayler. While watching the Savile Netflix documentary, Katie told her 2.7 million followers that it brings back memories for her. Meaning, that Kieran reminded her of Savile. She wrote:

Omg, I watched this and can’t believe what this man did and brought back memories.

According to The Sun, Kieran is taking legal action and has denied the claim on the grounds of fabrication. Amidst the entire row, hundreds of complaints have been prompted to Instagram’s parent company Meta, which may result in banning Katie Price from Instagram. A source confirmed:

Meta is trying to contact reps for Katie to discuss the complaints with them. She may well be kicked off Instagram, even temporarily.

The dig comes off as very hypocritical on Katie’s part as she had led a campaign against trolling previously when her disabled son Harvey was abused online. So much for a cause, Katie?

Troublesome Katie

This is the second Instagram ban threat for the mother of five in less than a year. Katie faced another ban from Instagram last year in August after being involved in an alleged fraud that duped many of her followers out of thousands. She had urged people to invest in rogue trader Josh Chandler for keeping their money safe.

She earned around £3,000 a post for backing the currency ‘whiz’, however, it all turned out to be a sham. Later, after promising her followers justice for the entire situation, Katie fled to the Caribbean paradise of St Lucia. She remained low key as the investigation took place and was threatened with an Instagram ban. This is particularly devastating for Katie, as she earns half of her income from her social media.

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