Carrie Symonds' £2,870 wedding dress is now sold out

Carrie Symonds rented her £2,870 wedding dress for just £45, and now everyone's been dying to get their hands on it.

The couple made the headlines this weekend by having an ultra-romantic secret wedding, and while the public was shut out of the nuptials, not every detail can be hidden from the public eye—especially when it comes to the wedding dress.

The wedding dress

The newly-wed couple decided to keep every aspect of their wedding simple and hassle-free. They had a small, intimate wedding and the bride chose to be both chic and cheap with her wedding dress. She wore a £2,870 gown designed by luxury designer, Christos Costarellos, but she didn’t buy the dress. She rented it from MyWardrobeHQ for the weekend, and that brought her costs down to just £45. She paired the dress with an elegant flower crown, sported a natural makeup look, and walked down the aisle with her bare feet.

A witness told The Telegraph:

Carrie looked beautiful. She had a long white dress with no veil.

Boris Johnson also kept his outfit simple and classic to match his bride’s free flowing energy. He wore a plain white shirt with some navy blue trousers, but he decided to keep his shoes on for the ceremony.

The Telegraph’s witness continued:

He was extremely happy as you can imagine, he looked very smart, and was in a very dapper suit.


This thrifty bride managed to get her hands on a stunning dress for an unimaginably low price and it’s all anyone is talking about. In fact, the dress has become so popular that it is officially sold out!

The Costarellos wedding gown was sold exclusively by Net-A-Porter and the racks are now empty for every single size. But unlike Symonds, these buyers actually paid the full price of £2,870! Looks like Johnson’s new wife has unintentionally become the country’s latest fashion icon.

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