Brit Awards: Anne-Marie fell down the stairs during her performance, this was her reaction

Anne-Marie was one of several musicians performing at the Brit Awards on Tuesday, but she tumbled down a flight of stairs while on stage.

Fans have commended Anne-Marie for continuing with the show despite spectacularly falling down the stairs at the Brit Awards. Viewers were quick to applaud the singer for persevering with her monumental performance despite her left ankle injury. Anne-Marie had only just started singing when she flew down several stairs on the stage, dressed in a short red dress.

The show must go on

Despite landing on her knees and her voice wobbling, she continued as if nothing had happened. Anne-Marie rushed to Twitter after her performance to express her disappointment at her tumble. She admitted that it had hurt and informed her fans:

Didn’t need my left ankle anyway.

She subsequently joked that once Specsavers offered her a free eye test, she'd ‘be in contact.’ The singer fell down as she made her way down a set of steps while performing Don't Play, her collaboration with KSI and Digital Farm Animals. She was dressed in a sparkly red gown and lost her footing and fell to the floor. However, the singerstill continued to sing and was greeted with applause from the audience.

Brave in the face of injury

For the rest of her performance, she was joined by KSI. TheVoice UK coach then exited the stage, leaving KSI to perform his smash song Holiday. Meanwhile, fans of the Brit Awards have praised Anne-Marie for remaining composed and continuing to perform her song. A fan wrote:

Poor Anne-Marie. I feel so bad for her :/ the way she recovered from that fall tho?? respect #BRITs."

Another one added:

Anne Marie getting straight back up from that fall, what a trooper!!!

Adding Anne-Marie to the list of singers who have tripped at the Brits, a fan tweeted:

Anne-Marie joins Jason Derulo, Madonna and jlaw. It ain't a bad group to fall into. #BRITs.

The show is hosted by comedian Mo Gilligan, who took over from Jack Whitehall following a four-year reign. The first award of the night went to Adele, who had flown in particularly for the event. For her comeback single Easy On Me, the London-born singer won Song Of The Year.

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