Belle Hassan opens up about attack that left her with a black eye

After sustaining an unprovoked attack on a night out by a complete stranger, the former Love Islander opens up about the scary encounter.

The 26-year-old reality TV star revealed her injury last year in a post on Instagram that left her having to take a leave of absence from the spotlight to recuperate from the traumatic event.

'People do want to hurt you physically or verbally'

During an interview with The Insecure podcast, she explained how frequently influencers find themselves in these types of situations at the hands of jealous people. She said:

Situations like that happen a lot to influencers on nights out and you know you get people coming up to you saying, 'you think you are something because you were on the telly'. And I am like 'no, I don't.'

And added:

And I try to be nice to everyone and sometimes in certain situations, you are only human, you do get into an argument and people do want to hurt you physically or verbally, and they do want to be nasty to you and I can only put that down to what people are going through in their own lives, and unfortunately they are unhappy.

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A vicious cycle

She also went to explain that the people who have abused her usually come from troubled backgrounds who have suffered from the same type of bullying. However, she believes that this should not be a reason to verbally, physically or mentally harass others as a coping mechanism:

We have all been in a bad mental state and we have all been unhappy. But that is not an excuse to hurt someone physically or verbally. That is for them to work out on their self love journey why they are doing that, not for me. But hopefully they will get that sorted.
Love Island’s Belle Hassan gets ‘attacked in the face’ Love Island’s Belle Hassan gets ‘attacked in the face’