Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Stretch Marks On Instagram

A true supporter of the ‘bodypositive’ movement, Ashley Graham decided to get naked and show off her stretch marks in an up-close photo.

Because we are used to her posting photos in sexy outfits, Ashley Graham surprised her fans once again with quite a different photo.

Sitting in profile, naked, hiding only her chest with her hands, the young woman decided to show off her body without any second thoughts. Committed to the ‘bodypositive’ movement which promotes self-acceptance, the model posted an up-close photo of her stretch marks on Sunday 18th August.

Ashley Graham, who announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband Justin Ervin on social media, wants to make it loud and clear that a woman’s body is beautiful. Scars don’t symbolise failure, but represent life’s most precious moments, memories. In the caption of this photo, the future mother also wrote: ‘same same but a little different. In these few words, she wants to show that the next marks to appear on her body will be different because they are linked to her pregnancy and this happy occasion.

In just a few hours, the post received more than a million likes. Celebrities and other Instagram users loved this from the model who, with this image, made a radical change from photos of people with perfect bodies and super smooth skin that we see all the time on Instagram. In the comments below, she got lots of encouragement from people who also posted their own stories and experiences.

‘My body looks EXACTLT like this… I’m not really proud of it… just saying that some of us don’t have smooth skin or flat tummies like other women… We come in different shapes, sizes and colours, but we deserve to be loved and respected just like everybody else’, ‘You continue to set the bar for real beauty inside and out,’ and ‘Thank you for being so real in a world of fake’…

With this unique photo of a ‘real’ woman’s body, the 31-year-old woman got support from everyone. Which just goes to show that you don’t have to excessively edit or photoshop photos in order to get those likes on Instagram.

Bikini-clad Ashley Graham unapologetically flaunts her post-pregnancy stretch marks Bikini-clad Ashley Graham unapologetically flaunts her post-pregnancy stretch marks