This Influencer Is Proving Just How Easy It Is To Cheat In Insta Photos

This Influencer Is Proving Just How Easy It Is To Cheat In Insta Photos

While Instagram fitness accounts flood social networks with photos of ‘perfect’ bodies, a young Instagrammer decided to reveal that this is often a question of point of view.

The number of people who have an Instagram account is enough to make you dizzy. And profiles often show off the perfect life - at least on the surface - that subscribers lead.

Healthy and beautiful food, tanned and ultra-sculpted bodies, breathtaking landscapes, lavish evenings... Photos that make you envious, but do not always reflect reality.  

Sara Puhto, a young American fitness enthusiast, has proven - with a series of comparative photos - that it is very easy to cheat and show your body at its best depending on the angle of the photo.

A different point of view

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‘In a world where the Kardashians’ buttocks are glorified, it must be understood that everything is false and that this is not reality. Their butts can't be that big in real life from every angle!’ said the blogger in the caption of her photos.

The young woman took two photos of herself. On the first one, she poses standing upright. On the second, she takes a step forward, in a posture that accentuates the curvature of her buttocks (see video above).

Without even touching it up, but with a simple change of position, the Instagrammer manages to give a different point of view to her body. No more complexes, then! Sara reminds us how superficial the internet can be and we say bravo for that!

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