Fans DIVIDED Over 'Psychic' Sally's Controversial Comments In Big Brother House

Many fans are calling 'Psychic' Sally Morgan out after she caused tears in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

This year's Celebrity Big Brother house is full of controversial figures. One of them is psychic to the stars, Sally Morgan.

Sally is famous for being a professional medium, who has done readings for celebrities from Princess Diana to Mark Wright. However, she has been hit multiple times with claims that she is a fraud who profits from vulnerable grieving people in claiming to talk to their dead relatives.

Viewers could be forgiven for being sceptical - seeing as Sally predicted on launch night 'someone's about to walk'. As of Day 5, no housemate has yet walked from the house.

On last night's episode, we saw Sally showing off some of her psychic abilities with the other housemates. Roxanne Pallet broke down in tears as Sally informed her that she will be able to have children and predicted that she'll conceive whilst on holiday in the USA after leaving the house.

Meanwhile, Chloe Ayling was also left shaken as Sally asked her if she'd ever considered changing her name. Chloe went on to reveal that she had wanted to change everything about herself - from her name to her appearance - following her kidnapping ordeal.

Viewers, however, were not so convinced by Sally's abilities - pointing out that all of the housemates are in the public eye - with information about them easily accessible online - and Sally would have known who they were before entering the house. Some viewers blasted Sally for preying on vulnerable people with her supposed 'gift'.

This isn't the first time Sally has been hit with claims of fraud, as in a live show in 2014 she 'spoke' to the 'spirit' of a woman who turned out to be alive and well. We'll have to wait and see if Sally makes any more predictions during this series...

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