This Quarantine Hair Trend Is Going to Be a Hit This Summer

For several months now, going to the hair salon to get your hair done hasn't been an option. So, beauty junkies took advantage of this "time off" to start a new hair trend you're going to love!

At the beginning of the year, we told you bobs, both short and long, would be the trendiest hairstyle of the year 2020. But that didn't stop this new haircut from sliding into this year's spring-summer hair trend lineup.

Very long hair

If you're not among those of us who started the year with a bob, you might be interested in trying this new hair trend. As summer approaches, celebrities and beauty influencers are bringing back long -- sometimes very long -- hair.

After spending months at home, unable to go to a hair salon because of quarantine, it's no surprise that most women now have longer hair. And they've decided to keep it that way.

This hairstyle is a hit on social media

Long hair, both wavy and silky-straight, is becoming more and more popular on social networks. From Kim Kardashian to Ciara to Lady Gaga, the biggest American celebs have been revealing their long hair on their Instagram accounts.

Others, such as Bella Hadid, were already on-trend at the start of the year, rocking very long extensions, which are a great option if you want to follow the trend but haven't managed to grow your hair out.

In terms of colour, if you want to switch things up, there's currently a new shade that's trending: light pink!

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