This Model's Legs Are Taller Than Us! (PHOTOS)
This Model's Legs Are Taller Than Us! (PHOTOS)
This Model's Legs Are Taller Than Us! (PHOTOS)
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This Model's Legs Are Taller Than Us! (PHOTOS)

This stunning Swedish has gone viral for her uniquely long legs!

This might look like an optical illusion at first, but Ia Ostergren, 34-year-old model is real! The Swedish model and body builder's legs are so long that you assume her photos must be photo-shopped.

Ia Ostergren is a model like no other. This Swedish girl is very popular on Instagram thanks to her unreal legs that seem to go on forever. And for good reason, they are 3 foot 4 inches long, giving Ia a total height of 5 foot 10!

Thanks to her unusual silhouette,Ia already has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram. It is even thanks to Instagram that she found her husband, a bodybuilder.

But Ia Ostergren has come a long way! In her childhood, she was very self-conscious about her long legs and her skinny body. In 2013, she started bodybuilding to sculpt her body and gain weight. Obviously, it was pretty successful. She even had a baby recently, after which she got back in shape almost immediately.

She wrote in a caption on Instagram:

You have one life. How do you want to spend it? Apologizing for being yourself? Regretting? Hating? Be brave. Believe in yourself and put your best foot forward. You have this one life. Enjoy it ♥️
By Lola Bee

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