Don't have any dry shampoo? Here's a great substitute
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Don't have any dry shampoo? Here's a great substitute

Don't have any dry shampoo? Here's a great substitute

When your hair gets greasy fast, spacing out shampooing can be tough. Until now, one of the best solutions was to use dry shampoo. But we have good news: we found a new trick to space out your shampoo sessions as much as possible. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Many women struggle with hair that gets greasy too fast.This doesn't necessarily mean that you have naturally greasy hair, but as it turns out, washing your hair daily increases the production of sebum which is secreted to protect your scalp from external aggression and pollution. It is therefore advisable not to wash your hair more than 2 or 3 times a week, which can be hard for some people to do!

Until now, there was only one alternative to stop you needing to shampoo your hair every day: dry shampoo! While it's a practical solution, it's not ideal because dry shampoos can damage your scalp. But good news, ladies! We have just discovered a brand new option that will change your life and won't cost you much!

A home remedy

The secret? Corn starch! Yup, this cooking ingredient works wonders and does not damage hair fibres. Pour some corn starch in a container, then dip a brush in the powder. Simply apply it to your scalp and distribute it evenly through the strands of your hair. Be sure to remove residue or you may end up with white roots.

And as an added bonus, corn starch can also add volume and thickness to your hair. A perfect solution for fine hair and we're all for it!

By Daisy Jones

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