These easy tricks will help you get rid of greasy hair

Tired of your hair looking greasy so soon after you've washed it? Here are Ohmymag's top tips for keeping your hair looking gorgeously fresh for longer!

Good shampooing habits

Using a special shampoo isn't the only thing you can do to fight greasiness. You should also know the best techniques for washing your hair. To avoid making your hair greasy, you should massage your scalp gently as you shampoo. This is because massaging too intensely stimulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which leads to an increase in sebum. Rinse well to avoid shampoo residue and if you can, rinse with cold water as this will close your pores.

Avoid too much product on your roots

There's nothing like a good hair mask or conditioner for dreamy locks. But these often very rich, treatments should not be applied to the roots if you want to avoid the 'greasy hair' effect. There's no need to stop using these products altogether but apply them only to the lengths of your hair and not your roots.

Green clay is your friend

Purifying green clay is not just great for your skin–it's fantastic for your hair too. Spread a green clay mask on your roots once or twice a week. After leaving on for 15 minutes, shampoo as you normally would then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Corn starch isn't just for the kitchen

Massaging a generous amount of corn starch into your roots will absorb the excess oil in your hair in just a few minutes. You can do this with dry hair and simply brush to remove the excess powder. It's the cheapest and best dry shampoo we've ever heard of!

Space out your hair washes

Even if it is tempting to shampoo daily to enjoy the freshness of the wash, you really should try and wean yourself off of this habit. Dermatologists recommend shampooing once every four days if possible. It's up to you to gradually reduce the frequency of your shampoos to get fresher and cleaner hair for longer. Space your shampoos out to every two to three days, but do not forget to brush regularly: this will protect and beautify your hair in the long term.

Watch the video above to find out whether rinsing your hair with cold water can really make your hair shinier!

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