The Benefits Of Using Clay

Many of us have bought a clay pack once and no longer know what to do with it. But you should know that there are so many amazing uses for clay! Nature is full of unsuspected virtues. Here are 10 beauty tips that will allow you to use the powers of clay!

The Benefits Of Using Clay
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The Benefits Of Using Clay

The Benefits Of Using Clay

1. Facial cleanser: It is well-known that clay is ideal in masks for oily skin as it absorbs excess sebum.

2. Reduce puffy eyes: Clay also has antiseptic effects, making it great for fighting spots too and it helps reduce puffy eyes.

3. Promotes soft skin: Clay baths are excellent for your health and promotes smooth and soft skin. Mix the clay with warm water then soak your body.

4. Eliminate toxins: You can also drink a little bit of clay water as it eliminates toxins. This is especially good for minor intestinal problems.

5. Minimises odour: Just like it absorbs sebum, clay also absorbs sweat! It's the perfect solution to minimise odours after a long workout.

6. Improve blood circulation: Clay can also help improve blood circulation in your legs. Create a mask and massage it onto your legs.

7. Minimises oil: You can create yourself a loose powder with a white powder base - talc for example and a little red clay for color. Plus, it will help minimise grease.

8. Makeup remover: You can also make your own natural makeup remover as clay absorbs impurities from the skin. Mix with a little coconut oil and water.

9. Eliminates dandruff: Create a hair mask and massage into your scalp. The clay balances the production of sebum and helps eliminates dandruff.

10. Minimises stretch marks: Finally, clay is also very effective against stretch marks! Do as you would for a face mask, but on the legs or stomach region.

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