She Posted A Picture Of Her Fake Nails And Went Viral

She Posted A Picture Of Her Fake Nails And Went Viral

Gel nails have become very fashionable in recent years, and the fact that many celebrities wear them has only made them trendier and more popular.

Emulating divas like Rosalia or Karol G, who have acrylic nails, a Facebook user decided to share a photo of her own nails on the popular social network.

The problem? The reaction she got wasn't exactly what she'd hoped. Indeed, people's reactions were very negative. Some users even commented that her nails were disgusting.

The user, who has not been identified, posted her photo on the Facebook page 'That's It, I'm Nail Shaming', a page that collects and posts the most horrific manicures ever seen online.

In the photo, you can see acrylic nails that are so old that most of the nail has no nail polish on it. The acrylic nail almost starts where her real nail ends. Some Internet users commented:

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"That acrylic is stronger than a lot of relationships"
"She's lucky she didn't rip one of her real nails off like that"
"I'm disgusted and impressed at the same time"
"Looking at this makes me want to scream"

Check out the video to see the photo people had so much to say about. Thoughts? All we have to say is: she needs to get a fill-in ASAP.

Nancy Youm
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