Reverse cat eye: This fierce new trend will elevate your eyeliner routine

TikTok is quickly becoming a hub for innovative makeup trends. The latest one on the list is the reverse cat eye, the chicest eyeliner upgrade.

TikTok creators are completely revamping the way we useeyeliner. Gone are the days of the classic wing and struggling to get each side perfect. Now, we have trends like kitten liner, bold coloured wings and reverse cat eye that take regular eyeliner and turn it into an effortlessly chic aesthetic 一 Dare we even declare black liquid liner cheugy?

It’s time to break up with the classic wing

Let’s look at the latest makeup head-turner: reverse cat eye.

Reverse cat eye has all the same allure and boldness as a regular cat eye, but it’s focused on the lower lashline, giving it an added edge. The result? A sexy smoked out liner punctuated by a fiercely pointed wing.

The reverse cat eye isn’t a new look, it’s something we saw on Kim Kardashian back in 2016, and it was even been featured on the runways of Dior's Fall/Winter 2021 show. But, thanks to makeup artist and TikTokker @paintedbyspencer, this trend is making a huge comeback.


Love a good REVERSE cat eye 🕺🏻 #fypシ#foryou#FerragamoLetsDance#makeup

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How to execute the reverse cat eye

The TikTok user sent the reverse cat eye look soaring on the platform’s ‘For You’ page by uploading a video showcasing the look and another demonstrating just how easy it is to achieve. Spencer announced: ‘Have you tried the reverse cat eye? It's my favourite.’

First things first: Run a greyish-toned eye shadow through the upper lid. Once it's really blown out and effortless, take that same shade and run it through the lower lash line.

The makeup artist continued to instruct users to take a black gel liner through the waterline, really extending the edges into the inner corner.

Extend that inner corner, then wing it out on the outer corner. Don't worry about bringing it down too far—just keep it in the water line. Once we smoke it out with a brush, all of that work will be done for us.

Afterwards, all you need to do is ‘take a detailed eye brush with some black eye shadow and diffuse out the edges.’ Follow up with some mascara, and you’ve got a high-fashion eye look that can be achieved in minutes. Spencer explained:

It's really, really, really easy. It's simple, short, sweet, to the point and nearly foolproof.

Reply to @katerinasmind I hope this helps! ❤️👨🏻‍🎨 #fypシ#foryou#FerragamoLetsDance#makeup

♬ original sound - Tik Toker

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even integrate a pop of colour with a bold eyeshadow or shimmer tone. Or, you could tone it down by using a brown liner and soft shadows.

Spencer’s saucy yet failsafe look has been inspiring people everywhere to part with their classic winged eyeliner. And, with his all-too-easy technique, who wouldn’t want to?

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