Get rid of stubborn spots with these quick fixes

Spots can be tricky to get rid of and they always seem to show up at the wrong moment. Don't worry though, our video will show you how you can get rid of the pesky pimples.

We've all been there. You look in the glass and there it is—a big spot in the making. Fear not! These four natural and simple tricks will get rid of your spot before you can say ciao! If we're being completely honest, our personal favourite trick is number two. It works every time for us and it's the reason why we always get asked how we have such perfect skin (spoiler: we don't!).

Ice cubes

Place ice cubes directly on the spot and it will reduce the inflammation and swelling. Hold it firmly in place and repeat the process if necessary.

Tea tree oil

Apply a small dab of tea tree oil on the spot. Studies show that the effects of tea tree oil on acne prove that it's a great solution to remove acne. The properties will naturally kill all the bacteria on your spot and it will soothe your skin.


Apply a small dab of toothpaste directly on the spot. This is an effective way to temporarily heal your stubborn spot. Since it contains baking soda and alcohol it will help dry out your spot.

Leave as is

Another good solution is to leave it alone. Eventually, it will disappear without scarring. But no touching or you will leave a nasty scar where your spot was.

Check out the video above for more tricks.

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