Weighing Just 268 Grams, This Baby Has Broken Records After Leaving Hospital In Good Health

Weighing Just 268 Grams, This Baby Has Broken Records After Leaving Hospital In Good Health

In Japan, the smallest baby in the world at the time of birth, left maternity after being cared for by doctors for five months.

For the first time, a 268-gram baby came into the world and was able to leave the maternity ward in good health. The birth of this foetus happened after only 22 weeks of pregnancy, as reported by the RTL website. His very small size is impressive (see video).

According to data from an international registry held by the University of Iowa in the United States, he is the smallest baby in the world to be born prematurely and to have survived. In 2009, an infant weighing 274 grams was born in Germany. In 2014, a newborn weighing 289 grams was born in Japan.

As a result of the delivery, the infant - who could fit in the palm of a hand - spent five months in neonatology, where he was cared for since he required special attention. ‘Even when a baby is born this small, there is a possibility that he can leave maternity in good health’ said Takeshi Arimitsu, the doctor who took care of the newborn.

Low survival rate for newborns under 300 grams

Leaving the maternity ward, the baby weighed 3 kilos and 238 grams, more than ten times its original weight. ‘I'm glad he gained so much weight, because frankly, I was not sure he would survive’ said his mother, who can now enjoy and care for her child, who now has no trouble drinking milk.

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As pointed out by the Japanese hospital, the survival rate of infants under 300 grams is low, ‘especially when it comes to a boy.’ To ensure that he stays healthy, the baby will still be followed for several years by the doctors.

Take a look at the video above to see this incredible tiny baby... 

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