This Baby Was Born With Her Own Twin Growing Inside Her

When Itzamara was born, she was carrying something incredibly unusual in her belly. The doctors could not believe it because it’s a case that’s unique in the history of medicine.

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This really is a weird story of a pregnancy. Never before, it was determined so early that a baby was pregnant with its sibling. Monica Vega and her husband went to the hospital to get their medical ultrasound as the Los Informantes reports.

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They go to hospital for a routine ultrasound

She was pregnant for 7 months at this time and everything had been going well so far. Itzamara, the baby they were awaiting, seemed to be healthy. But then, the gynaecologist found something growing in the baby’s belly.

After thorough scrutiny and confirmation from specialists, Dr. Migel Parra, expert in risky pregnancies, confirmed the diagnosis: It’s a “Foetus in foetu” or a parasitic sibling. In other words, Itzamara has a twin brother who is developing inside her body.

It’s a rare case of twins. It occurs when the twin division happens very late and starts in the body of the other sibling.

In the video, you’ll see the parents who - despite the surprise - remain calm. You’ll also see young Itzamara. Mother and daughter got a C-section on the same day. The footage is extraordinary. An uncommon case that will definitely go down in the history of medicine.

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