She Gave Birth To Three Children In One Month - But They're Not Triplets

She Gave Birth To Three Children In One Month - But They're Not Triplets

A couple of weeks ago, Arifa Sulta gave birth to her son. The young mother has pains in her stomach again shortly afterwards and is sent to hospital. There, a surprise awaits the young mother.

People say that every pregnancy is different. There are women who don’t even look like they are pregnant and others don’t even know they are bearing a child. 20-year-old Arifa from Bangladesh did know she was pregnant, however, she was only expecting one child. She could have never imagined that her son would be an older brother just weeks after his birth.

No money for screening

Arifa Sultanas family are very poor and according to the German news magazine Stern, the young woman could only afford a few screenings. So she was totally stunned when she returned to the hospital with stomach pains weeks after her baby's birth - only to give birth again - to twins! Only after that did the doctors realise that she seems to have two wombs. 

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The doctors do not seem surprised

It isn’t clear how the second pregnancy was not found after the birth of the first child, but the doctors do not seem surprised about the unusual pregnancy. A gynaecologist says to the BBC in an interview that having two uteruses is not uncommon. After an emergency C-section, everyone is fine but Arifa Sultana is slightly worried about the future because her husband has to feed a family of five with an income of just £52. “I don’t know how we will take such a great responsibility with so little money.”

Her husband, however, seems to be more optimistic and promises to do his best to make everyone happy - which is one of the most important foundations for building a strong family. 

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