This Is The Marriage Proposal Of Your Dreams According To Your Star Sign

You dream about getting married, but not as much as about the unique moment when your loved one will propose to you! Preferably in an idyllic setting at sunset? Or rather in complete privacy and away from prying eyes? Each sign has in mind an ideal scenario for this long-awaited request. Check out our video to see the marriage proposal of your dreams according to your astrological sign!

‘Will you marry me?’ is the question asked one evening by candlelight, or at the top of a skyscraper.

While some prefer a fairly simple proposal, others want to experience a magical moment worthy of the greatest of fairy tales. Each couple and especially each sign of the Zodiac are different and therefore have their own desires.

Don't be surprised if your sweetheart has set the bar very high and wants to open champagne for the occasion, they had warned you the day they revealed their sign to you! Don't worry, if you know your partner well, your request will please them and this moment will be forever etched in their memory!

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What does the proposal of your dreams look like? Your astrological sign reveals everything - take a look at the video above to see what yours says about your dream proposal!

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