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This Is The Kind Of Woman You Really Are - According To Your Star Sign

Sociable, fearless, intellectual, funny, bossy… Every woman has a unique little characteristic. Like mother like daughter? The stars play a very important role in a woman’s personality. What type of woman are you? Check out the video above to find out what you are really like depending on your star sign!

Punctuality, family, justice… Some women fight for things that are dear to them. Just like Brigitte Bardot who fights for animal rights, Libras, just like her, like to have a certain harmony in their life and love being around other people.

Scorpio women are particularly determined and tough like Françoise Dolto who fights to protect children. Whether they are committed or want to travel the world to discover new horizons, your personality could well and truly be influenced by your star sign.

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For women, your moon sign is sometimes more important than your sun sign (star sign), which can explain why a woman might not recognise herself in her sign’s description. And yet… that’s why people love you for it, you both get annoyed and love that your star sign determines your character so accurately.

Aries women are women of action who need to feel alive all the time while Virgos are a lot more reserved and like to have control over their lives.

Don’t wait to find out what kind of woman you are according to your star sign. Find out more details in the video above.

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