These are the 3 most mischievous zodiac signs

We often feel like stirring up trouble every now and then, however, it’s in the nature of people with these zodiac signs to cause mischief.

Haven’t we all felt mischievous as kids? From playing pranks to stirring up trouble, mischievousness is a part of human nature, especially before maturing. However, some people maintain their playful behaviour even into their adult life. This might be due to the influence of their zodiac signs. Here are the three most mischievous zodiac signs.


While Leo's may be proud, they do not hesitate to stir up trouble, as per Metropolitan Girls. They want to be the centre of attention most of the time so they often say or do some strange things, in a mischievous way.

They are constantly testing the limits and will often be found with a ‘throwing caution to the wind’ attitude. They have a ‘do first and think later’ kind of mindset which allows them to do the most daring tasks with little hesitation, even if they have serious consequences.


The scorpion signs are some of the most likely to prank people. They are born mischief-makers, and are often the root of trouble. They live for chaos, which in turn results in the need to cause mayhem.

These 3 zodiac signs are the most mischievous Bob Thomas GETTY_IMAGES

Although highly intelligent, Scorpios are some of the most mischievous people out there. With their quick wit and naughty nature, they plan their chaotic activities in advance so they’re prepared for the outcome.


Aquarius might be a surprising sign on this list, however, we should not underestimate their wit. Due to their nature, they have a tendency to get bored very quickly. Disinterested in their surroundings, they then seek other methods to entertain themselves.

This results in a need to stir up chaos. The feeling of mayhem gives them a sense of satisfaction. They receive acute pleasure after causing mischief around them. They can be quite hard to control when they’re in their pranking zone.

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