These 3 zodiac signs are more likely to criticise you

Have you ever wondered why someone is so critical? Well, it could be due to the stars once again. These are the top 3 most critical zodiac signs.

Some of our personality traits can be linked to the stars, by this I mean astrology. Indeed a lot of people believe in astrology and that our zodiac signs play a big role in the way we are. These three zodiac signs are known to be the most critical of others.


At number three is Scorpio. Scorpios are known to act on emotion only according to astrology writer Susan Taylor, for Astrofame. This sign can be passionate and feels very strong emotions, from aggression to resentment. When Scorpios are in one of their moods, they can become highly critical and even malicious in their wording.


At number two we have Capricorn. This earth sign is famous for being critical of others as long as they feel it is necessary. According to Taylor, Capricorns are very goal-orientated and usually don’t go out of their way to be critical of others, unless someone comes in between them and their goals.

These 3 zodiac signs are the most critical of others The Muppet Movie (1979) / Associated Film Distribution


Number one is Virgo. Virgos are highly perceptive and analytical and they can also be extremely demanding. They will notice the smallest details that no one else notices. This earth sign outweighs the positive with the negative. They aren’t afraid of telling people the negative points either.

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