This Two-Faced Cat Is Taking Over The Internet

A cat called Narnia was born on 2017 with something a little out of the ordinary: he has two faces. The fur on the two halves of his face are completely different colours. The reason is rather surprising! Check out the video to find out more!

Allow us to introduce Narnia, a British Shorthair. This cat claimed its place as an internet celebrity ata young age but you may be wondering why? This cat is entirely unique as it has two different faces.

Two-faced cats

There is something particularly unique about this cat. He was born with his face divided into two completely different parts. The left side is grey in colour, whilst the right side is black.

The most impressive thing about this adorable little cat is the line that separates the ‘two sides’ of his face. It is incredibly straight and runs right down the middle of his face giving the illusion of absolutely perfect symmetry!

Although this different colored fur wasn’t as striking when he was a kitten, now, there is a clear distinction between the light grey and the black. In addition, Narnia’s eyes have also changed since he came into the world. Although they were blue at birth, today, they are as black as his fur.

A genetic surprise!

Narnia was born with a two-tone face simply because of his genetics. Because two embryos fused together in his mother’s belly, Narnia now has type types of DNA. The mother was meant to have two kittens, which means that Narnia was supposed to have a brother or a sister but when she gave birth, only Narnia was born.

Narnia: an internet star

Because of his striking individuality, Narnia has his own Facebook account where his owner, Stephanie Jimenez, regularly posts photos of Narnia’s amazing coat. Since then, this cat has become a true internet celebrity thanks to his ‘two-tone’ face.

Check out this rather amazing British Shorthair in the video at the top of this article.

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